Laser distance meter for golf (FAQ)


How do you measure distance?

The user aligns the target object whose distance is to be measured with the center of the viewfinder and presses the measurement button. The objective lens then irradiates the target with a laser beam, and the laser beam reflected from the target is captured by the receiving lens. This reflected laser light is analyzed to calculate the distance. Laser measurement technology has a proven track record in manufacturing automobile safety equipment and precision equipment, and is highly reliable and accurate.

Does a laser distance meter measure flight distance?

Although it is possible to measure flying distance, it can also be used in all situations when conquering a course. Specifically, you can instantly check the distances you need to know when playing, such as the distance to the pin flag, the distance from the shot point to a hazard such as a water or bunker, the distance to the player in front of you, or the distance to the edge of the green. Measure.

What kind of things (objects) can be measured?

You can measure the distance to various objects such as golf course pin flags, green surfaces, bunkers, trees, signboards, people, etc. Things that are difficult to measure include those with weak and unstable laser reflection. Accurate measurements cannot be made of water surfaces, dark colored objects, mirrors, moving objects, etc. Also, it is difficult to measure small or thin objects due to camera shake. Additionally, it is not possible to measure distances to places where the laser cannot irradiate or cannot be seen.

What is the height difference compatible model?

A laser rangefinder that is compatible with height differences calculates horizontal distance and height by measuring precise angles and linear distances to the measurement target. Yardage stakes and other displays on golf courses are horizontal distances, but in the case of uphill or downhill runs, if you judge only by horizontal distance, you may end up shorting or overshooting. Knowing the height difference will allow you to make more accurate judgments.

Can I measure up to the maximum measurement distance at any time?

Measurable distance and measurement error are values ​​under certain test environments. Laser distance meters use laser light, so if strong sunlight or reflected light enters the lens, the measurable distance will decrease and measurement errors will increase. Additionally, when measuring objects such as small objects, dark colored objects, or moving objects, the measurable distance will be significantly reduced and the measurement error will increase. Since the pin flag is thin, even when using the pin seek function, it is possible to measure up to about 40% of the maximum measurement distance under good conditions.

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