Generator (FAQ)


I purchased this for disaster prevention purposes, but I have kept it in storage without opening the box. Is there not a problem?

We recommend that you take it out of the box and test drive it to check how to use it.

When storing, drain the gasoline from the carburetor.
If you leave the gasoline in the carburetor for a long time without draining it, the gasoline may deteriorate and the engine may not start.

We also recommend that you start the engine and test run it for about 10 minutes while applying a load such as lighting, about once a month.

Can I transport the vehicle with gasoline in the tank?

When transporting gasoline by vehicle, the Fire Service Act stipulates that it must be transported in containers that are compliant with the Fire Service Act (with a sealable structure).

Due to the structure of the generator, it is not possible to seal it with gasoline, so please remove the gasoline from the generator before transporting it.

How long can gasoline be stored after purchase?

It is not possible to set the retention period as it depends on the storage conditions. We recommend that you use it as soon as possible.

Can I use the engine without changing the oil even after the engine oil change period has passed?

This will accelerate the wear of various parts of the engine and affect the lifespan of the engine.

Please change the oil regularly.

What will happen if I continue to use the engine when the oil level is low?

Engine oil is consumed little by little during operation and decreases.
When the oil level falls below a certain level, the oil warning device is activated to prevent engine seizing, a red lamp lights up, and the engine automatically stops.

If you pull the recoil starter when the engine oil is low (low), a red lamp will light up to notify you that the oil is low (low). (The engine will not start in this condition.)
*EF900FW does not have a lamp.

What will happen if I add too much engine oil?

Resistance inside the engine increases, oil leaks from the air cleaner through the breather hose, and white smoke comes out from the muffler.

There is also a risk that oil may accumulate inside the muffler, impairing its performance.

If you add engine oil by tilting the generator, you may end up adding too much oil. Place the generator horizontally and add engine oil.
When the generator is placed horizontally, the specified amount of engine oil is up to the mouth of the filler port.